lundi 14 mars 2011


Yes!! 73.4 kgs!! Should have been more patient! So weight still going in the right direction despite extra calories consumed this weekend in the form of alcohol!! Back on the wagon until next weekend!! Have been feeling strong hunger pangs today and a little light-headed due to feeling hungry! Hopefully my stomach will speed up shrinking so that these go away, or I could be tempted to eat BAD things!!

Date: 14th March 2011
Weight: 73.4kgs

Speak tomorrow.
Mrs. Weak-willed


Well the scales are still stuck at 73.9kgs!! Getting a little depressed now! Had a lovely tea last night, chicken breasts in a lovely spicy tomato sauce with egg noodles! Yummy!

Recipe for 4 people:
Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts seasoned with a little salt and pepper on both sides, then place in a baking dish.
For the sauce, finely chop a chilli, a red pepper, 2 coves of garlic and an onion. Mix a tablespoon of cornflower with 30ml orange juice and add 150ml of tomato passata. Mix in with onions, garlic, peppers and chilli. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the sauce over the chicken. Cover the baking dish with some foil and bake in oven (180°) for 30-40 minutes. Cook the noodles as per pkt instructions. Serve! Bon appétit!

Date:13th March 2011
Weight: 73.9kgs

Speak tomorrow.
Mrs. Weak-willed