lundi 11 avril 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday-Fourth Monday

Quite chuffed actually, new weight 71.8kgs, a net loss of 1.3kgs since last weigh-in, so more than double the weight loss of the previous week! It'll still be hard to achieve the goal of 6.5kgs lost by Easter Sunday as overall I've only lost 3.2kgs and There are only 13 days left! So in 33 days I've lost 3.2kgs instead of the 5kgs I'd hoped for at this stage! But the way I see it, I've still lost some and already feel better for it! I haven't yet gone down a size in clothes, but things are already feeling more comfortable!

Date: 11th April 2011
Weight (6th April): 71.8kgs

Speak tomorrow.
Mrs. Weak-willed

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  1. Hi there,

    It was the same with me , after my baby I weighed 65(I was 52 before!). Had a sitting job, used to eat whatever came my way. Loved sweets and desserts..---------and not able to fit in dresses!!
    Then I decided one day.
    Removed chocolates, muffins, desserts from my home, office drawers and shopping list
    Replaced them with dried fruits like apricots, raisins, figs etc. But I don’t get starved instead I replace with healthy options. I love icecreams and use to have one every day earlier. Now I have one every week so you can have what you like but in less amounts.
    Joined a gym for 30 minutes (in office break time)
    Started having dinner before 8pm
    And I have lost 2 kilos and toned up.
    My target is to shed 6 more kilos!.